A simple, decentralized cryptocurrency portfolio

Why we built Lio

In the fall of 2017, the awesome team over at Blockstack was having their first contest to build apps for their decentralized platform, and the requirement was to build a cryptocurrency portfolio app than ran on Blockstack technology. Lio was built as a challenge for me and Alec, my development partner at Tap Five, to see what we could build in a short amount of time and possibly place well in the contest. We decided to focus on a market that we knew well, users who wanted dead-simple portfolio tracking. We also took this as an opportunity to use and learn Vue for our front-end framework.


Did we win the contest? No, but it was a lot of fun to build, and the team who reviewed our app at Blockstack ranked the design and code highly. Lio is also what ultimately gave us the idea to have a business name to work under since we would have two projects now (the other being Subdivide. Lio has been sunsetted after some major changes from Blockstack, but you cak still view the landing page here.