About me

What I do and what I've done

I am a Sr. Product Designer and Front-End Developer at Soberlink in Southern California.

I also currently design and code stuff with Tap Five, a team of two who like to make things that don't suck.

Before this was a Product Designer at Liferay. I worked on the Analytics Cloud product team. In my spare time, I made a handy Figma plugin to help our process there.

I previously worked as the Lead Designer at GrandPad. I was the first designer the startup had hired in its three years of existence, and I did much of the front-end development for the main website and checkout. During my time there, I established a UX design process within the company by encouraging user research, idea validation, and interactive prototype testing. I helped raise the quality of product designs by establishing cohesive visual patterns across websites and mobile apps. I led the process of two different website redesigns, launched iOS and Android app redesigns, set up A/B tests, designed and coded emails, and did some minor branding work.

I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BFA in Graphic Design.

You can find me on Dribbble and GitHub, or you can reach out and say hello.