Analytics Cloud A/B Testing Platform

A/B testing feature for Liferay Analytics Cloud

About the project

Shortly after joining the Analytics Cloud team at Liferay, I had the chance to work on the new A/B testing feature for the platform. The team kicked-off the project with a design sprint, and after that, I was the sole designer working on the Analytics Cloud side of the project.

My responsibilities for this project included:

  • Establishing a cross-product user flow and getting approval from multiple stakeholders
  • Collaborating with a designer from Liferay DXP to ensure cross-product consistency
  • Working within and expanding upon our design system to build the A/B testing UI on Analytics Cloud
  • Working internationally with our development team in Brazil

The resulting feature was deeply integrated with Liferay's Digital Experience Platform (DXP). It solved users' needs for having a way to run A/B tests within Liferay's product ecosystem. Leveraging the site-building capabilities in DXP, users can quickly make a new A/B test on any page and select an element to track click events on if necessary for the desired metric to be measured. Users can also select a target audience built by our audience segment creator, so the can run tests on personalizations of a page. Liferay's Analytics Cloud then does the heavy lifting tracking and reporting the data for the test and eventually gives the user a test result, with the handy option to publish the winning variant directly from the report. Although it was very much an MVP for an A/B testing feature, it meets our customers' basic needs and has laid the groundwork for future enhancements like multivariate and redirect testing.

Some sketches from the sprint

high level flow

High Level Flow

high level flow

Cross-product User Flow

high level flow

Test State Management

Interactive statechart for A/B test status

A/B Test Interface

Test List

test list

Test Setup Process

test setup

Test Dashboard States

test running

test complete